Is it as difficult for everyone to make a first blog as I found it to be? The reason ‘etre? The tone. The pace. Blah. It must be the top reason I’ve waited for so long.

Walls box us in. They control flow – of thoughts, of objects, of our imagination. Walls include borders as well. They also keep the aformentioned things out. I consider all of this prevention of movement a negative. As a science teacher control allows us to do work. Think gradients. I teach my students that by creating a gradient – away from equilibrium – the disequilibrium is then able to do work. In society I feel the reverse is true. At least in the concept of individuals controlling their lives and doing the work they WANT to do rather then the work we TOLD to do.


Its the same in classrooms. The walls, borders, contricts students to think in the manner they have been taught (controlled) to. The question I beg to be ask is, what are the minimal amount of walls necessary to direct learning in a meaningful way? [Did I just erect a wall with including the term meaningful? Should I remove it? Who determines what meaningful means?] Let me know.

Oh well…there it is. A first post. I tried to keep it to a minimum for a start.