As I said in my previous post. I’m not an evolutionary biologist and in no way share or form can claim to be an expert in this field. So here’s a follow up on what is looking like science in action!! Read the comments and the previous pandas thumb link from the previous post.

If nothing else its an example of how science is meant to work and why modern evolutionary theory is not an example of ‘groupthink’. Scientists will call a spade a spade if need be.

Its also why this blog is meant to exist, in part at least.

Thanks for the commentors for their PD link and I hope you link onto PZ’s blog as well. Here is the most recent PD talk of the paper. Seems the claim on single ancestral duplication/derivation is quite unsubstantiated. This post needs to be read simply because of what you can learn about flagellar structure. Its why experts in the fields critique and not the rest of us. I want to explicitly state that this includes phd’s from outside the field.

[I still posted first though! Just not sure I’m proud of my take on it. I should have been more reserved]


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