The very first issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach has been published a few days ago. It is getting a lot of press in the science blogosphere. I wanted to pass it on simply because the science sphere and the education sphere don’t necessarily mix. If you are a science, specifically biology teacher, you really need to browse the biologists that are currently blogging. I currently teach space and chemistry. The pickings are more slim – at least for the high school crowd. The chemistry tends to be over their heads.

However, the biology is certainly excellent for the high school crowd. There are quite a few university professors willing to tend the flock of younger students. I applaud them. I have a number linked on the right side. Check them out.

I would like to include the site called Genomicron of T.R. Gregory. He’s a professor at my alma mater – the University of Guelph in Guelph Ontario. He writes some really good stuff. I cannot claim to be a great critical analyst of his writings. I leave that upto Larry and PZ but they have good things to say. Gregory must agree with them!

However, check out the new evolution and education journal. Thats what it is for. Educators. Thats us!

SpringerLink – Journal Issue

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