The video below highlights the importance of good science literacy
amongst the general public. The video represents an investigation
performed by a Fox Tv news crew into Bovine somatotropin,
aka bovine growth hormone. According to the video Monsanto is a large
producer of the hormone. The video is important to watch for a number
of reasons.

  1. It presents Health Canada as doing its job under
    a great deal of pressure. One of those jobs is to make sure, as best it
    can, that Canadian consumers are not in danger from the products we use
    or consume. The video demonstrates how effective they work.
  2. The author of the original blog – Effect Measure
    – was using it to demonstrate the bias of FOX News. The original intent
    of the video itself was to show the selective bias of Fox News.
  3. I
    want to refer to use the story to show why scientific literacy is
    important. If the news crews, the FDA, the politicians, everyone else
    involved in allowing Monsanto to pass private, proprietary research
    were scientifically literate this would have been less likely to
    happen. Of course I’m assuming they would bes less likely to sell
    themselves to Monsanto. There must have been some type of payoff
    occurring on some levels.

Maybe I’m grasping at straws.
I’ve always been fairly naive. I cannot help but think that
understanding the implications of unsubstantiated, private/proprietary
research would have initiated deeper investigation. It is for these
reasons we need publicly funded science and science literacy upon high
school graduation.

It is interesting that the Wikipedia articles states that Health Canada
does not actually state that rBST is a danger to human health. The
question I ask is, is that decision based upon research OTHER than
Monsanto’s? I’d like to know what the collective body of evidence
states on the matter. The fact that it is NOT approved anywhere other
than the USA makes it suspect.