So I need to go spread an idea. I suspect I’ll be doing this more and more since I found this website: TED : Ideas Worth Spreading. Check iT!

The idea I want to spread is that of Stanford Professor, Larry Lessig. Its an incredibly important lecture on the manner in which old laws and their interpretation cannot, and to me, seem not, to be able to adapt to the changes in which our students view copyright and creativity. He chats a great chat. I love his delivery and the brilliant use of his slides.

As an educator I’m sure you have noticed and perhaps combated copyright, fair use, creative commons, FOSS [free open source software]. The fact is old interpretations are failing to direct our students appropriately. If you watch the following video, be sure to make it to the last minute.

Here at remove the walls, I totally agree. As an educator I hate attempting to be ‘politically correct’ on copyright and frankly no longer attempt. I find the ridiculous application currently being forced upon us as bad as our students do. Its the main reason I support Free and Open Source Software like Ubuntu, Moodle, Zoho and others. If we taught our students within a FOSS environment by the time they graduated they would never have to pay for software again. Think of the freedom and power of that alone. The democratic ability to choose to save their money so they can use the technology they have purchased – and for free!

Is it right to cheat and steal from the creators of anything? No! Its appropriate that the creators are fairly and appropriately paid for the use of their creations. However, we also need to support creative use of creations to encourage ‘innovation’ and extrapolation. As Larry Lessig states, we won’t be able to eliminate this, only drive it underground much like a prohibition. Its the new, everyone is doing it but not talking about it, syndrome.

Watch the TED video: