Gotta love Tahoma…except Tahoma don’t look like tahoma should look. So I use Verdana [its wider than tahoma…never mind]

I’m a big fan of a few RSS feeds from a number of blogs and techy sites. I saw this one from ScienceRoll, a collection of authors who scour the Web for medical related items. The brought me ThinkAnatomy which links to a number of human anatomy websites.

Right on their front page you can see the rescriptions and links to a vast number of anatomy links. Such as:
Morbid Anatomy – Historical Illustrations collection within flikr.
University of Wisconsin Dissection videos….woho coool! quicktime videos of all types of dissections. From 5 minutes to 30 minutes in length. Limbs, brain, abdomin, oh my!
Visible Body is my personal favourite [but the dissection videos may supplant it] digital illustrations of MOST of the human body. I used this a little for AP biology a coupleof years back. Its expanded and updated and rocks more than ever. Check iT! Works with Windoze and Mac but not my linux box. Not fair! You want to browse it even if you don’t teach bio. Its that cool. Oh its 3D and manipulable [sp?]
Gray’s Anatomy – yes the bible of anatomy is free online through It has 1247 engravings as well as the written descriptions. Still a work of art.

ThinkAnatomy has a number of categories filled with useful sites to create wonderful lesson plans. Be a great place to start to find a collection of diigo bookmarks. Highlight and let students find the information you want them to find. Then have them create some presentation maybe a mindmap with mindmeister, or a flash animation.

This post reminded me of an assignment I wrote for my AP Bio class. I thought I’d discuss it and make it available. Back at SAS I really liked the nurses we had and even had them teach hos to use a my students to use a sphygnamometer and blood pressure cuff. A nice change. But I also found their desk drug reference that contained modes of action: How drugs do what they do. Each student picked a drug [from a list I created knowing they could handle the drug] and then had the assignment to fulfill. The assignment can be found at google docs here. Feel free to use it. It be nice to see how other teachers like it.

Your students will need a drug reference resource that contains the specifics. I have not found any as good as the desk reference book I had. It was a nurses’s desk reference drug book. It had everything. I have found epocrates which offers free [with registration] online drug data. It has dosage, tiny bit on the pharmacological mode of action and most of the other stuff.
Some of the drugs can be found at wikipedia. Acyclovir is there.

Enjoy – I Hope.