If you hadn’t heard, it is 200 years since Darwins birth and 150 years since the publication of one of science’s most important tomes. You know the one, The Origin of Species?
In honour of these anniversaries there are a number of excellent teaching resources that have become recently available for evoutionary studies. In no particular order:

  1. 15 evolutionary Gems: An article from a leader in science publications, Nature magazine. It describes a large amount of evidence of evolution by natureal selection. 15 in fact. 
  2. New Scientist has published an article on the top 10 evolution articles including: 24 myths and misconceptions, Evolution: What missing link!?, evolution of the bacterial flaggelum [irreducible complexity? I don’t think so!], and more….check iT!
  3. Scientific American has an issue called “The evolution of evolution“. I have begun reading this one myself. Almost every school has a subscription to this journal. Time to have your biology students read it, thoroughly!
  4. Not to be outdone the journal Evolution: Education and Outreach has an entire issue dedicated to the evolution of the eye. The eye is another structure used by evolution denialists [we have climate change denialists so why not evolution denialists] as an example of irreducible complexity. Is it? No! This is a free journal so please get your students reading it.

Evolution is the central unifying theory of biology. Not teaching evolution would be like not teaching atomic theory in chemistry class or ignoring Newton’s Laws in physics. It just cannot be done properly.

Cheers and Happy Holidays. Peace on Earth and treat others as you would be like to be treated.