The purpose behind the CRU, hacking of emails, only a few weeks before the Copenhagen Summit is not difficult to decipher. We may never know WHO was specifically responsible but the purpose is clear: to cause doubt throughout democratic populations to slow/stall/impede legislation. It is amazingly clear from conversations I have had with friends and relatives that the release of these emails have been successful. People will hear and remember the negative information they receive but will NOT take the time to actually learn where the preponderance of evidence is found, or attempt to understand. They won’t attempt to verify the lies and/or misleading ‘facts’ taken out of context. It is incredibly easy to cause doubt and manipulate how people think of a topic. The whole issue makes me realize how important a just, bias free judicial system is. It is simply too easy to manipulate how people think. But it is not the first time. Marketers, lobbyists have been waging the war on science for decades. Smoking, CFC’s, mercury, BPA, and on and on.

As I mentioned before, the media is not interested in providing the scientific basis of these topics, they are interested in conjuring controversy to spur sales. They should be reporting the proper weight of the evidence, not attempting to achieve balance.

The link below summarizes the CRU attack very well. Please read at least some of it to get the right story. In one sentence: The CRU hack does nothing to change the science of anthropogenic climate effects, we need to act now or confront having no choices in a couple decades.

The SwiftHack Scandal: What You Need to Know @ EnviroKnow.