I was reading an article from CNN on on the results of the investigation of Phil Jones from the CRU at East Anglia. Innocent of any wrongdoing. But it was good for skeptics, deniers, whateverthecasemaybe. A smokescreen.

Anyway, the comments of the readers make me worried. Like:

It was a theory until it became a law…..


It is the theory of relativity. Still hasn’t been proven.


That is the law of gravity. It has been proven.

All of which show the horrible state of science literacy.

Quick primer:

Theories are substantiated explanations for natural phenomenon.

Laws are statements of fact about the universe.

Theories do not ‘grow up’ into Laws.

If people cannot understand these differences how can they expect to have a relevant position on a complex, chaotic topic like climate change/AGW??

They can’t.