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Skeptical Science explains how we know global warming is happening: It’s the oceans, stupid! « Climate Progress.


I been browsing, was reading an article at Climate Progress. [here]. Saw a link stating I could make my own comparative climate map. It allows me, you, our students to pick two time frames. The first is the time period we want to compare. The second is the time period we want to compare to.


I’m hyped for my grade ten climate change project later in the term.

Check it out here at the NASA – Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Gotta love NASA.


Ok. I’m taking a big jump into the public world. Lets face it, the transparency issue is scary for we educators. Grades, pressure, college, expectations, its all a big mess and influences educators whether we are honest or not. Bias runs deep. I’m a science guy and even trying to be objective, as easy as it tends for me to be, its hard for me to tell students – too bad, go ahead and cry, no retakes!

Its crunch time for seniors in Canada. Their Christmas exam and term grades are the primary determinants of getting into the university of choice. Like the pressure or not, its there. And even though this is not the reason for this post [I’d like to point out 3 in one day!] that it must be prevalent for me to post so naturally about it.

Whats the point?

Well, its my turn to open up a bit of work my own students have been doing. Quickly(?) summarized, research climate science questions [provided by me] collect and reference data using diigo, correlate and create their own class wiki.

I have two classes going head to head on this.

Be aware – they are still building. The learning curve was HIGH. Diigo was new. Making their own wiki and its pages was new. Adding content was new. The content was new to them. Links, tags, webslides, embedding, anchors its all new. Wow, thats almost a recipe for disaster!
The sites under construction are:

I guess I’m looking for observers to make these public wikis truly public. I want my students to feel scrutinized by more humans than just me. [And they barely view me as human]

Feel free to comment here, or better yet on any of the pages you may happen to visit. the feedback would wake them up. Real world stuff.

I’m hoping to follow through with a project asking them to create a video of the expected effects of climate change on North America. No opinions, just the science. We’ll make an attempt to represent to science accurately and proportionately.

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