Sure why not!

I’m not sure you noticed but I’ve been using a new web browser called flock. Its actually not new in terms of code. It is based upon the firefox code. Your favorite extentions [addons] etc will work just as they do in firefox but I find overall its more stable and snappy – quick!

I’ve been finding that firefox has been hogging resources and has been requiring me to close and restart it. I usually have quite a few tabs open and closing them all can cause me problems trying to thread all my ideas together. usually the tabs are related in some way – almost like story telling.

Flock acts to integrate my blogging, wiki, and other actvities. Its been giving me a new vigor. hence the recent blogging. This is using flocks integrated blog window. Similarly it has a little toolbar that places my blog, RSS feeds, friends, pictures, videos all in easy reach. It has been making things easier.

Maybe not the educational post you were looking for but I’ve been showing my students. Anything that can get them diversifying their worldview is a positive in my blog! plus it reminds me to show them very useful add ons like Zotero. Or Diigo.

Its all good. I wish I had Zotero when I was in University.


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