Don’t ask!

I know, I know. I apologize for the long wait but life is busy and I’ve never been much of a journalist. I could never keep it going long term. Seem familiar?

I doubt I have many readers. From what I gather from PZ at Pharyngula and Larry Sanders at Sandwalk, is that you need to blog daily at a minimum for six months to get a dedicated readership. I just don’t feel I have that much to say!

Bu there are a few things I can waste your time with!

The history:

I have spent the last three months working at a tablet PC school in Ontario Canada. Overall the experience has been a good one. There is a lot to love about the school. What surprised me is the traditional teaching methodologies being used in a digital manner. Replace blackboard, enter Smartboard [tm]. Exit pen and paper, enter tablet screen and digital pens.

The fact is time, as usual, is a huge factor in what my new school, like my old school, is attempting to do. You also need the clientèle. The people who might read this, read to improve their teaching through tech. Then like Starsky would say ‘DO IT!’. Break out of the box. Remove the walls. Find a wiki. A blog. get your students to use online research tools. Get your students to use an online referencing tool. I’m not going to introduce you to them all at once. Many of them I’ve used only sparingly. But I am starting to use them. Are you?

This is a teaser. I’ll probably attempt to post this over at Utechtips as well. The fact is , I don’t suspect many people are paying attention – and I finally have a few things to say!


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